Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fuel and Electricity Price Hike Demo - 29 May 2006 - Video 2


Blogger Liam Chee Keong said...

These stupid polis. They are only good getting bribes from Massage parlour and SPA centers. I am a frequent customer who goes for massage regularly and sometimes the massage parlours in cheras and pudu got raided when i am sitting there. I got some opportunity to video tape wif my h/phone the polis taking some bribes during the massage parlour raids and will be posting it on the web soon. Those who wants to download the video clips and photos - pls call me directly at 012-3691850

10:27 AM  
Blogger Minds of Our Millennium said...

I have something to add...

The government and the police work for the people.. (not in Malaysia)

The police work for the government that works for the politicians that work with the big big internationnal businesses for Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and BMW's.. (in Malaysia)


5:32 AM  

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